What is an invasive species? How to control their outbreak?

Are you wondering, what is an invasive species? Well, an invasive species is defined in the USA as the alien species which causes environmental and economic harm. It harms the human health as well. They are non-native species that get added to the community through the natural range extension or through any human activity. Nevertheless, non-native species have a harmful effect on our ecosystem and our ecology. You must know about the ways of controlling their population or spread.

What Is An Invasive Species

Why are the invasive species dangerous?

Perhaps, the invasive species are the major threat to our natural surrounding and environment. This is due to the following reasons:

•    They may alter our ecosystem function and our habitats.

•    Invasive species are competitive and can crowd a space while replacing the other species that forms the part of our ecosystem.

•    They can damage the human activities while costing our economy millions of dollars.

•    Invasive species rank just second in the realm of habitat destruction. They pose a major threat to our biodiversity.

•    Invasive species are leading disease carriers to destroy the crops and harm the human health. They act as competitors to alter the habitat and tend to hybridize with the local species.

•    When compared to pollution, diseases and harvest, the invasive species are major threats.

Tips on controlling invasive species

By now it is already clear, What Is An Invasive Species and how they are dangerous. Let us now find out the ways of controlling them:

•    If you are looking for a cost efficient way of controlling the invasive species, you may keep them out in the first place. The damaging invaders must be kept out. It is possible to reduce the ability of the silent invaders to invade the place, if you are pretty careful about their invasion pathways like the wooden packing material, the shop ballast water and the horticulture plants.

•    It is good to discover the invasive species earlier. If discovered at an early stage, it becomes far easier to get rid of them. Even if it is impossible to totally eliminate the invaders, still you can keep a check on their population.

•    Well, the best way of reducing the population of invasive species is by introducing an enemy of the species. This is called the process of biological control. You can introduce a predator, some parasite or a disease and competitor to combat them. Try and introduce a natural enemy from the native range of pests. This will be far more effective.

•    If you are looking for the most direct way of controlling the invasive species, you can use the chemical solutions. This process is known as chemical control whereby you use the chemical sprays and chemical pesticides to directly target the species to eliminate them.

•    Human effort and machinery can be used together to get rid of the invasive species.

Thus, we can say that there are various ways of controlling the invasive species and reducing their population. It is rightly proclaimed that prevention is better than cure. Thus, by being careful about the surroundings, one can keep a check on the invasive species.

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